Joseph Toxicy

Joseph Toxicy

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First Name * Joseph
Last Name * Toxicy
Username * Toxicy
Country * US
City Vancouver
Languages English



Availability: student


I'm Joseph but I go by Joe. I'm a graphic designer in both 3D and 2D. As a college student at ITT-Tech I have learned many of things along with website design and coding, 3D modeling and Animation, Magazine layout and photo manipulation. Though my work is limited to a few prints that I still have my skill and talents are still growing to be the best they can be. As a member of the Portland SIGGRAPH I am challenged with every event to make new promotional flyers for upcoming events. My love for graphic design comes from many years of design work with the online community Toribash where my skills then transferred over to my work with Flossin Media creating the new promotional package for the 2011 magazine. As of now I am a freelance student looking for work with animation or magazine layout